Presidential Candidate Twitter Sparring

After today's latest political Twitter spat between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Dara Lind at Vox humorously writes:

"You don't tweet "delete your account" in response to an outrageous or offensive tweet, because it's not a serious demand. So many of the things that Trump tweets (or retweets) wouldn't be appropriate targets. Rather, "delete your account" is used when someone has tried to be funny on Twitter — for example, by attempting to land a sick burn — and failed."

Without diving too deep into which candidate won the first Twitter fight of the 2016 Presidential General Election or who will win the election as a whole, can we all stop and talk about how insane such a concept is? One of these two people will be the 45th President of the United States, and yet, they are feuding on Twitter. At the very least save it for the debates. No one is going to take a politician seriously if they squabble on Twitter with their political opponent. I'm all for humor and joking, but the Presidential Office should be treated with respect, even during the election. Basically, entertainment value aside, is it necessary for candidates to spar on Twitter, or is there a more constructive use for social media in modern election politics?