OLED Macbook Pro Function Keyboard Bar, Visualized

9To5Mac's Seth Weintraub writes what we are all thinking now:

"...One of our readers Cameron did a mockup that changed all of that for me and many others. Taking a look at the possibilities with Siri, many of our readers came up with excellent ideas for apps that would use the bar. 3D designer Martin Hajek has done a few better with some amazing renders that take the OLED display from gimmick to 'TAKE MY MONEY.'"

Go give the gallery Seth references a look, and tell me with a straight face you didn't immediately think of a dozen amazing uses for such a hardware feature on a Macbook Pro. Developer potential for a customizable OLED function key bar is highly potent, and will create an imagined modern experience on macOS.

The latest Macbook Pro is rumored to be released in August, which will likely be about the same time of a new macOS release, which would allow developers time to add their own spin to the new function bar. I for one will be curious if the OLED function bar will be open to all macOS applications, or if macOS applications offered on the Mac App Store will only be allowed to use the function bar. Martin Hajek's renders draw an amazing picture for interactive uses with media scrobbling, Siri voice search activation, and even a file copy progress bar. All the mystery behind the traditional collection of rumors will be properly paraded out on Monday as WWDC 2016 begins!

Source: http://9to5mac.com/2016/06/09/macbook-oled...