Pebble's Pivot To Health

Since Pebble's latest Kickstarter campaign kicked off on May 24th, the writing on the wall for the smartwatch maker has been clear: we are a smart health wearable company now. No longer is Pebble framing themselves as a direct competitor to the more premium, feature rich smart watch ecosystems of Google and Apple. Instead, Google has decided to become a superior competitor to the likes of health wearable makers such as FitBit, Jawbone, and Misfit.

With their latest blog post today, Pebble has proven, with the backing of the health community and with a twist of words and marketing, that such a pivot from a smartwatch to a smart health wearable company is the best play for them. The latest post highlights two new watch applications for monitoring not just walking or heart rate vitals, but to monitor and ask for other health factors other comparable health trackers cannot. By asking about and monitoring your mood and energy level, Pebble's published health algorithms can make additional deductions about your health and well-being.

No longer is Pebble compared with expensive watches that can also do health stuff, instead, Pebble are compared with the reserved features of their new health tracking competitors. If Pebble can continue to push the message of health tracking and gain the public eye as the superior dedicated health tracker company, then the pivot will render far better results for them and allow them to compete at a higher level and with more support from customers, the health community, and even developers. More Pebbles on more wrists for the right reason is the goal, and with their new message, and their unique new take on run tracking with the Pebble Core, Pebble is back on track to be the successful industry standard we all want them to be.