Mac Siri Icon "Leaked"

Yesterday, Juli Clover at MacRumors reported:

"Rumors have indicated Siri integration will be one of the key features coming in OS X 10.12, and new screenshots of a Siri menu bar and Siri app icon suggest Apple is indeed working on bringing Siri to the Mac in its 2016 operating system update."

Anyone who saw Juli's article and was genuinely surprised hadn't yet read Time Magazine's report regard Google's impending introduction of their "Echo killer". A report which was confirmed by a preview of Google Home at Google I/O just a few hours after Siri for Mac was "leaked". Apple likely leaked Siri for Mac to prepare the masses for their own digital assistant and to assure them, as if to say "yes, we can do AI interaction too". Hopefully, Apple can keep up with the likes of Google and Amazon. After all,  the Beats Pill with Siri needs to be introduced eventually, right?