Collective Linking: iPad Pro Reviews

Two months after being announced alongside the iPhone 6s/6s Plus and next generation Apple TV, we finally have the iPad Pro. Is this thing worth the money? Will it replace a device you already own? The tech press is out in force to answer these questions. Drop in for links and details.

  • Ars Technica: Andrew Cunningham gets delightfully nerdy and granular. Read this if you like stats and details.
  • The Verge:  Lauren Goode plays it safe to not offend anyone who will buy the iPad Pro but also doesn't make you feel guilty for passing it up. (Bonus points: Walt Mossberg is very meh about it too)
  • Wired: David Pierce highlights the strengths and soft spots, but also gives a hot take on the slow but steady race that has begun to cast away the portable device of yesteryear for something thin, light, and robust.