Feature Request: Better Bluetooth Headphone Management

A request for a genuine acknowledgment of the growing Bluetooth headphone trend is extended to the software platform community as a whole. However, for context, the idea will be expressed using the Apple ecosystem. 

The need for a software equivalent of a 3.5 mm headphone jack in software is emerging as we become a wireless technology society. We should simply be able to turn on our headphones, turn on Bluetooth, and automatically switch all audio to our headphones without going through two menus or swiping through a list. 

On OS X and iOS, a paired device will automatically play all sound if connected to the device, but what if I want to move my experience from my phone to my laptop? I have unpair and repair the device to a new medium. Shouldn't Apple be using their new Continuity technology to seamlessly hand off a Bluetooth pairing between devices? Apple already does an optimal branching of such an idea with AirPlay audio over WiFi. So why not extend the functionality to local Bluetooth devices?