Welcome To Tevilo

Hello Internet, welcome to Tevilo. Tevilo is a long overdue brain child born out of a mixture of complements and criticism. Tevilo as a concept addresses the world of thoughts and opinions I normally present on my Twitter account, @ghost_reiter. Over time, personal friends and industry peers have shown interest in my opinions on topics ranging from technology to cultural transformation both online and in real life conversations. Tevilo expands on these ideas and provides detailed insight a more expansive form. I may drop links and short opinions or I may write long form opinion pieces, only the future of technology and culture can tell. 

Before I set loose on the feeds of the Internet, let me introduce myself. I'm Alex Reiter (yes this explains the horrible pun that is my Twitter name). My life path can currently be described as a twenty-three year old male web applications developer in Naples, FL. Aside from my constant barrage of opinionated tweets and hours of conversation with anyone that will engage me in debate or discussion. I have also served as the technology writer for my college paper. I know I know, how stereotypical, everyone writes for their student paper. As true as it may be, I also never scratched the surface at The Glimmerglass. I wrote stories there that made sense to a very small subsection of modern user world views. By telling you about my previous experience, I simply want you all to know that this isn't my first walk around the park. 

With Tevilo, I don't have to hold back or be "politically or topically correct". I don't have to tone down my message to only address the everyman. I can speak to a wider range of world views and present both fact and thought in a much wider range of tones. As you will see, my experience in professional technology and culture study is defined by passion and the need for knowledge. As my Twitter account will clearly reflect, I have long been an avid technology and culture pundit with a special interest in the answer to the question "What's next?". 

By seeing what is next in technology and in culture, we can see how the world will look so we can shape it to be better. This is my vision for Tevilo. To portray the stories, opinions and overall topically relavent facts that can tell us what life will be like tomorrow, next year and a generation from now. I sincerly hope you join me and provide your own voice in this greater conversation. Tevilo isn't just my thoughts, it also portrays your actions in culture and your opinions of what can make the world function better for everyone. Heck, what is better than a future shaped by only the best ideas and opinions of culture? To me, nothing is more imperative than a well-formed future where functionality, practicality and morality meet in harmony. Join the conversation in this space and hopefully we shape the world for the better. 

Let's go.