Android/Chrome OS Merger to Take Shape in 2016

Nathan Ingraham at Engadgt reports on a WSJ report, saying:

"The WSJ says that this new version of Android will also run on PCs, though it's not clear if the company is talking about Windows and Mac computers or just a rebranded extension of the current Chromebook lineup. The former seems likely, as the Chrome browser contains most of the functionality of Chrome OS itself."

Speculation of this nature creates a world in my mind where, by 2017, I have Chrome/Android OS 7.0, OS X 10.13 Redwood  (Tahoe is my second guess) and/or iOS X 10.2, AND Windows 10.2 (yes I believe Microsoft is going to do that to us) tri-booting on my iPad Book Pro. Although, lets be honest, it will probably be quad booting with Ubuntu 17.04 Zirconium Zebra as well.