Seven Types of Users - A 2013 iPhone Buyers Breakdown

  1. iPhone 5 users: You have no need to buy an iPhone 5s unless you have broken your current device or you have a lot of money (if you have a lot of money, please Paypal me some).
  2. iPhone 4 users who love their phone: If you still have an iPhone 4, buy an iPhone 5c. For one, you obviously aren’t on the cutting edge of technology. You also appear to be on a budget and therefore in the need of a cheaper option. The 5c is cheaper, stylish and still incredibly functional.
  3. iPhone 4S users who love their phone: if you have a 4S, you are about to finish up your two year contract. Get the 5s, a strong, functional phone to keep you going for the next two years (plus, you deserve the latest and greatest).
  4. iPhone 4, 4S & 5 users who hate their phone: Buy an HTC One. It is Android, but on a device that is well built and incredibly fast. Anyone who finds their current iOS device to be less than useful will find the HTC One to be either on par or far greater.
  5. Android users who hate their phone: Buy the 5s. The 5s is polished, has software that is consistent and performs well. The battery life is more palpable while also providing industry. Most of all, the new UI is refreshing and provides an inspiring piece of visuals for daily use.
  6. Android users who love their phone: If your phone uses a version of Android older than 4.1, buy an HTC One. It will be far superior device compared to what you are currently using. Android 4.2 supports much more functionality and holds very few superior traits to that of the iPhone 5s or 5c.
  7. Windows Phone/Blackberry/Feature Phone/No phone users: Start small, buy an iPhone 5c. The 5c is an inexpensive device that will not overwhelm you with the latest technology. Plus, you will actually have an advantage over other users. You won’t remember iOS 6 and therefore you will have no complaints or learning curves between the old and the new! Take the leap!